High Traffic Blog Ideas for your Jewellery Website

High Traffic Blog Ideas for your Jewellery Website

May 27, 2020Stephen Irvine

Upgrade your website SEO, get more traffic and increase your sales.

Let's keep things honest and simple. We all know we should write more content. We know it drives traffic to our websites and can increase sales. It's generally a sure-fire way of building long term engagement without the need to spend on paid ads. The problem is there are so many questions and not everyone is really clued up on the answers.

  1. What shall we write?
  2. How often shall we write?
  3. What blogs will get the most attention
  4. How do I know if it's working?

These are all valid questions and each one deserves its own post to explain further and I will touch on these in later posts but in brief; Write what you feel adds value to your customer, business and product range. Does it inform, educate and answer important questions? Write as often as you feel comfortable. The more you write and the more you publish the quicker you will see the growth of your blog and site traffic. To test if it's working, use free traffic reporting tools like Google Analytics or paid services like  https://moz.com/ or https://www.semrush.com/ that give you great insights into your traffic and customer behaviour. 

High Traffic Blog Ideas

Here's a list of article ideas to get you started. Remember if you don't have the article on your site, then they will be reading it on someone else's, more likely a competitor. So do your research, find articles that rank highest in google and create a similar, informative article. Be careful not to duplicate or copy directly. This will harm your site more in the long term. So to the list.

1: What is a Diamond Solitaire

Change this up to, What does solitaire mean, what does solitaire mean for diamond rings etc. This is a term searched quite often by the public to help them understand what a single diamond ring is. Simple and effective article to get some added traffic to your website. A great example by https://www.serendipitydiamonds.com/blog/what-does-solitaire-mean/  really shows the depth of content you can add to help out your audience. 

2: How to Find my Ring Size?

This obvious request is a simple addition to your blog or education pages of your website. With more and more people going online to buy how can you reduce customer returns by ensuring they receive the correct, sized product. You can add a wealth of information for your customers from Ring Size Comparison Charts to Printable Finger Size Measuring Tools or a cheap ring sizer tool that you can send in the post to your customers prior to having something made.

3: What is the average price of an engagement ring?

A simple enough question but can be more difficult to answer with all of the options available to us. Write your article as if a customer has asked you the question. What would you say? What options would you give them? How would you explain the buying process and the difference between metal prices and diamond qualities? Jeweller Taylor and Hart have a great, high ranking article outlining this in detail https://taylorandhart.com/ring-guidance/engagement-ring-cost - Use plenty of images, sketches or videos to explain the process and give examples of ring styles and types. Our handy Diamond comparison app is a great way to showcase the different diamond types and their sizes on a finger. 

4: How to tell a real diamond from a fake

This is a surprisingly high-value search term and netted our blog post here:  https://www.jewellerymonthly.com/do-you-own-a-fake-diamond/  thousands of views since it was published. With people investing so much in diamonds, inheriting jewellery or buying pre-owned items it's important to inform your customers the dangers, what to look out for and how to tell if your diamond is real or of good quality. 

5: Birthstones for each month

Ok so this isn't really a title you can use but you can create some great ongoing content here to really fill your blog. You can look at the monthly gemstone attributed to each month e.g Ruby, the birthstone for July See a complete guide of birthstones here: https://www.gemsociety.org/article/birthstone-chart/ listed by month and check out our complete gemstone pack to help create your article.

6: 4C's for Diamonds

This is a staple for all diamonds jewellers and you should really make this a leading education piece for your customers. This can either be a simple one-piece article discussing each area or turn into 5 high traffic, education articles for your customers. These include:

  1. What is Diamond Cut?
  2. What is Diamond Clarity?
  3. What is Diamond Carat Size/Weight?
  4. What is diamond Colour?
  5. Diamond Confidence - Buying guide 

We have a fab 4C's education pack to help you make your article more visually appealing along with a range of Diamond Illustrations and Graphics to illustrate your thoughts more clearly. 

7: What is the size of my Diamond / How do I measure my diamond

This is a common question searched online as people want to know how big the diamond may look on their finger or even how to measure the diamond they already have. Different diamond shapes have varying sizes in the same carat weight, which can get confusing. Our Diamond comparison app show below provides a real-time interactive view of this to help people understand how different diamond shapes look on a hand and how large they are compared to other stone types. and shapes. This versatile tool can be added to your product pages, blog and education sections to help you educate and inform your customers, giving you consumer confidence and authority. 

8. Platinum vs White Gold vs Palladium

A surprisingly high traffic search term along with overall metal comparison charts or guides.  The following blog outlines this perfectly and ranks highly on google for the informative approach. https://www.poggenpoel.com/blog/white-gold-vs.-palladium-a-very-unfair-fight/. Our Retail Education Charts highlight metal comparison amongst other high-value information for jewellery retailers such as Diamond Anatomy, 4C's and Diamond shape comparison.

9. Jewellery Trends / Engagement Ring trends

This seems like such an obvious article to write and hence left to most news sites and magazines. A great example is https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/gallery/engagement-ring-trends which currently ranks high on google search. This area gives you a perfect opportunity to not only demonstrate your knowledge and expertise but really showcase particular styles of jewellery you sell. Link through to products that are trending, hot right now or on offer. Don't become a link in a paid-for magazine list but 10 links showcasing your beautiful jewellery to your audience. The great thing is, this article type can be re-created seasonally, annually or by product type, giving you lots to say and even more to showcase and sell. 

10. Wedding Ring Widths and popular sizes. 

240,000 marriages were registered last year alone if you were to sell to just 0.001% of these you would net 240 customers. At an average wedding ring price of say £800 that's a £192,000 - Shut the front door!! So you can see, targeting just a small fraction of these ready to buy couples can be a lucrative business opportunity. Give the right information, the right help and advice will gain their confidence and trust. Our Wedding ring image and video collection offer a great set of marketing literature to not only inform your customers about the different styles available to buy for their special day. 

wedding ring profiles and shapes

If you write a unique, informative article on all of the topics above you should start seeing an increase in search results and organic traffic as a result. 

Keep a look out for more coming soon...

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