Refund Policy

For Images and Digital Downloads

Once you have been sent a digital file you have it. Even if you promise to delete it there is no way of us checking. As it is not a physical product LionSorbet Ltd DO NOT accept returns or provide refunds for any digital content provided for download via email or digital transfer. The only exception to this rule is if the files:

1: Do not work at all 

2: The files are corrupt

Please check your order carefully. Ensure you are ordering the correct images sizes and quantities of each image.

The following additional terms apply to our distribution of Products on our website and listed services. No refund is provided or allowed on Products that can be previewed by the Buyer (such as image packs, graphics, videos and animation files). Where Products cannot be previewed by the Buyer (such as products that have not been created yet) and the Buyer asserts that the Product is not as described or is broken or is corrupt, LionSorbet Ltd promise to give the Buyer a full refund on the Product price if the Buyer requests the refund within 30 calendar days after purchase and the claim is found to be valid.

For Website Applications

If you purchase one of our apps to be installed on your website and find the app is not fit for purpose within 30 days of purchase please contact and we will provide a full refund, minus a set up charge of £85 + vat to cover our time to set the app up with your branding and generate the installation codes for your website. 

For Branded Content / Design Services

For products that are purchased that are listed as bespoke or branded content we can provide a refund up to the point at which we deliver the goods via email or file transfer. Once the goods have been received we cannot offer a refund due to the work undertaken by our design team.  

All Jewellery Animations, Images and Files created by LionSorbet Ltd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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