Banner Design Process

Banner Design Process

Jan 22, 2018Kayleigh Messinger

Our Banner Design Process

1: You provide as many design details as required (outlined below) 

2: We provide up to three banner design variations

3: You review and provide 1 set of comments, amends or requests

4: We finalise the design and provide the final artwork

Sample Banner Designs/Inspiration

For example banner designs and inspiration you can view some of our new banner designs. We will be adding more to the collection over time but at present these are the only ones we have. We do design a lot of bespoke sites including banner designs as part of our process. You can see some of the websites we have designed here: which have links to their site. Alternatively, if you see a banner design on another site that you like the style and look of we are happy to try and style yours in a similar fashion if you can provide the right images. 

Use of Images

As part of the banner design process, you can browse our collections at and choose a particular image or combination of product images to create your banner. We will only provide up to three designs so choose carefully. If you provide more than is needed for the design process we may limit your choices to ones we think will work better. 
The only images that are excluded from this offer are the Domino & Hockley Mint product collections as these are sold separately to their customers only. If you wish to have product images from these collections they must be purchased separately. 

Banner Style

It is important that you provide a banner style or activity that you are looking to promote. For instance is it for a product collection, a seasonal banner or holiday promotion or a particular product area such as Wedding Rings or Engagement rings. The more specific you are the easy the process is. If your request is too vague we will provide designs that we think you need and these may not fit what you were looking for. 

Banner Text

It is also important that you provide any wording that you wish to appear on the banner. If your website supports web text as part of your slider design then you might not need to provide this but the more specific you are the easier it is for us to provide a style with text considered as part of the design. This goes for any button text or button placements. If your website supports buttons then we may not need to add one to the design. 

Banner Design

Once we have this information we will provide you up to three banner design variations based on the information provided by you. You can choose one direction from this and have one set of changes or requests. Once agreed we will provide you with the high-resolution banner designs as jpg's for instant upload along with editable PSD files for your reference and archive. 
The information above might seem like a lot of work but without knowing your website and what you are trying to promote you are best placed to provide this information allowing us to deliver your designs quickly and perfect for your website. Without this, it could take too long to guess what you are after and this can make it more costly to produce. 

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