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On-page Optimisation Checklist - 2024 PDF

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A handy guide to ensure your website pages are SEO friendly and drive traffic - Updated for 2024

Ensure your website content is beating your competitors in search. 


Download our handy Checklist for Jewellers to ensure your website pages are optimised for SEO. This will ensure they are more likely to get indexed and ranked on Google search and will help bring more organic traffic to your website. Follow our comprehensive guide to ensure your pages are SEO-friendly. This downloadable PDF checklist is designed specifically for jewellers who want to optimise their website content and boost their search engine rankings.

Crafted by industry experts and SEO professionals, this checklist ensures you or your staff are making the most out of the content that you work hard to create.

Give this to your team, or your out-workers that are doing your research. Make sure they follow each step to help your content rank higher and increase its reach across the internet. 

on-page seo checklist for jewellers

This 6 page Guide Includes:


✓ On-Page SEO Checklist

Follow our step-by-step guide to optimising and updating your website pages and content to ensure they are SEO friendly and are more likely to be indexed quicker and found more in Google Search engine results. This in turn will guide more website visitors searching and looking for your products and services. 

✓ Content Distribution

We've added a simple checklist to guide and remind you where to post and distribute your content online. This will help boost engagement for that page and create opportunities for link building and content sharing across multiple networks. 

✓ Content Writing Guide

High-quality, relevant content serves as the backbone of a website's visibility, enabling it to target keywords, answer user queries, and establish authority within a niche. We have provided a comprehensive overview to complement the SEO checklist to help you plan and create better content for your website.   

✓ Types of Content to Write

Diversifying content ensures broader appeal and caters to various customers, enhancing engagement and driving traffic. We have outlined some essential content types to help you with your content plan and keep your website fresh and up to date. 

Print it out

This checklist is designed to print out and use as a physical checklist when you are researching, writing and completing your websoite pages to ensure you have covered all areas. 

    On-page Optimisation Checklist - 2024 PDF