Jewellery stock photography - photograph showing diamond colour

How to Use Jewellery Stock Photography?

Jun 29, 2022Mark Johnson

Very few jewellers know how to use jewellery stock photography to enhance their jewellery business. Social media has forced many small independent jewellers to actively post photography of their work, but a small proportion of jewellers maintain a regular blog. In fact, very few jewellers see the incredible benefit of writing jewellery articles for their website.

Why should you write a jewellery blog?

Information pages provide guidance for website visitors, but few jewellers update pages on a regular basis. Regular blog articles add varied content, increase website traffic and turn website visitors into paying clients. 

Only a small proportion of successful online retailers appreciate the expression: "content is King," and the rule is as true today as it ever was. 

With the exception of paid advertising, search engines deliver the most relevant results for any given search. As a result, niche jewellery articles covering common issues, questions and subjects bring members of the public from a search engine to the website. 

Diamond Shapes

Example of a suitable photograph to demonstrate diamond shapes on a jewellery website. 

Why would you buy jewellery stock photography?

1. You have the Knowledge

Most jewellers have in-depth subject knowledge of their industry. Jewellery articles can cover a wide range of subjects from advice to product reviews.

2. Content that lasts

We describe some of the best subject matter as evergreen content. To explain, evergreen content describes subject matter that never ages. The information remains relevant over time. For example, and advice article on the benefits of different precious metals. 

3. Visual support for written content

One of the main problems comes from the lack of supporting images. Very few visitors respond well to text-only articles. A blog article stands out with good quality photography, supporting graphics and video content. But, this can be very hard to find.

4. Low cost and ease of use

Our jewellery stock photography offers marketers and jewellers a wide selection of jewellery images perfect for any blog. Moreover, our images provide a low-cost alternative to the painstaking process of setting-up, taking, editing photographs to illustrate an article. 

5. Up to date and current trends

We add new photography on a regular basis. Photography ranges from loose gemstones to diamond rings. Most diamond jewellers feature diamond information on their website. In addition to blogging, jewellery stock photographs provide a low-cost way to add featured images to any section of a website—whether this is information on the 4 C's of diamond grading, or how to clean your engagement ring. 

How to find the best image for your article?

Browse our jewellery photography or get in touch if you're struggling to find a suitable image. We add new photography each month to cover a wide range of jewellery subjects and our team are happy to advise on finding the perfect image for your website. 

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